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Today I would like to apply intelligent simplicity to exploring the relationship between energy and consciousness. I believe this to be the basis of all our relationships with the Cosmos.

We are told that everything is a form of energy – that the Cosmos consist entirely of energy in all its many forms. So, what exactly is “energy”?

A very helpful way of defining energy is to think of it as “that which consist simply in its own movement and order”. There can be nothing more fundamental, which moves or is ordered. Energy is that order-movement. As Fritjof Capra pointed out: “There are no dancers, there is only the dance.” And what is dance if not ordered movement!

And if you are not sure what “order” is, it is that which makes sense to us, now or in the future. We know from experience that some things that did not make sense to us before – they appeared to be “disorder” – make sense to us now. Thus, our knowledge keeps increasing. As knowledge advances, apparent disorder retreats!

Now, if the Cosmos consists entirely of energy, and energy is order-movement, then this suggests that the whole Cosmos will eventually make sense to us. It may take a very long time – possibly millions of years – but eventually we will make sense of the Cosmos. We will know it because, being made of energy, it is wholly ordered, and therefore wholly knowable. Disorder and chance lie only in the eye of the beholder. They are merely reflections of our level of knowledge and our state of consciousness. They are not inherent qualities of the Cosmos.

So, what is “consciousness”? Ultimately, it is perception. We perceive what’s “out there” and what’s “in here”. Our inner perceptions flow from our external ones. And we can perceive only because things are perceptible in the first place. If the Cosmos was not made of order-movement, we would not be able to perceive anything. Just think about this, if you are not sure.
It is the fact that there is this central relationship between consciousness (we, the perceivers) and energy (that which is perceptible) that makes our lives possible and liveable.

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