being natural, natural


Are we full member of the “Cosmic Club”? In other words, are we human beings full members of the universe? This is not an idle question.

Do we treat the Cosmos as our home? Do we abide by its rules, having taken the time to discover what they are? And do we fully participate in the Club, rather than just dipping into it casually from time to time?

According to science, we are not even associate members. We are non-members – passengers, just here for the ride. This is no doubt because science assures us that the Cosmos started from nothing, for no apparent reason, and that we are the products of chance. It is a dismal thing indeed to arrive by chance into a meaningless universe!

However, what if we really are full members of the Cosmic Club, even if we do not know we are? What if we are integral parts of the Cosmos, somehow essential to it, and connected to it in every possible way? Now, that would make a big difference!

Clearly, we do not behave as if we were members of the Cosmos. We do not even behave as if we were members of Nature or this planet. In an act of unparalleled arrogance, we have chosen to make ourselves the sole exceptions – to make ourselves separate from the whole of Nature and the planet. As if this were not enough, we have given ourselves the sole right to exploit them as if they do not really matter. It should come as no surprise that there are movies in which aliens come here, not to save us, but to save Nature and the planet from us!

If we really believed, and knew, that we were full members of the Cosmic Club, and therefore full members of Nature and planet Earth, we would think very differently and behave very differently. We would be natural, and we would be Cosmic.

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