I saw my first hoopoe today. A beautiful bird, and easy to hear how it got its name. So much intelligence in the creation of this creature, and so much simplicity. It is perfectly, and optimally, built to live the life it lives. Can the same be said of us? Are we perfectly, and optimally, built to live the lives we live? The lives we could live, perhaps.

I then went to a local café here in the Cerdanya Valley of the Catalan Pyrenees. I go there most mornings at 7-30 to write my book “Inner Cosmos”.

When I came out later, I saw six hot-air balloons high above the valley. A beautiful sight, yet so different from the hoopoe. One is self-contained, simple and optimal. While the others look simple, as they drift slowly upwards, they are in reality quite complicated. They rely on vehicles to collect them wherever they land. They rely on a lot of gas to produce the heat to keep them aloft. And they rely on experienced pilots who know the valley and who know the winds and air currents.

A fascinating comparison between the natural simplicity of the bird and the unnatural complexity of human beings!

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