Intelligence, simplicity

Coincidence – A Form of Intelligent Simplicity?

We know quite a lot about the physical nature of the universe, and this is what science studies. However, we know next to nothing about its deeper nature, and it does not help that science denies that this exists. I believe that we can get a glimpse of this deeper nature from an unexpected source – coincidence.

Carl Jung gave this a fancy name, “acausal synchronicity”, but changing its name did not take us very far. For me, coincidence reflects two facets of the deeper nature of the Cosmos. These are (a) total connectedness, and (b) the fact that the Universe is constantly giving us useful things, such as information. I really do mean total connectedness. Everything in the Universe, whatever its size or nature, is instantaneously connected to everything else, regardless of distance. The speed of light is not a limiting factor. Significantly, this includes us. We, too, are totally connected to everything, and to each other. Many scientists seem to believe this, and they give it odd names, such as “quantum entanglement” and “non-locality”, no doubt to make it sound serious and respectable! And, although it might not seem like it, the Cosmos is constantly making information and other things available to us. The key is to be aware of this, so that you can benefit from it. What happened in the last couple of days is a typical example.

While chatting with a friend yesterday, I happened to mention the phrase “raining cats and dogs”. Neither of us knew where this came from. This morning, while communing with Nature, I was browsing a book about Canada. I turned to the section on Prince Edward Island because I recalled that an acquaintance had a summer home there. That is when I noticed a paragraph about one of the island’s famous sons, Thomas Haliburton. I read that it was he who coined several well-known phrases, such as “raining cats and dogs”!

What I believe happened was that I semi-consciously put out a request about the origin of the phrase. The Cosmos picked up the request – because it is its nature to do so – and fed back the answer to me, in the form of the paragraph in the book.

Just to repeat the important point – I think this kind of thing happens a lot, possibly every day. That said, few of us make good use of coincidence. We do not notice it all, or if we do, we give it little value. We just say, “That was strange”, and then pass on. In doing so, we miss a lot, and we fail to connect with the deeper nature of the Cosmos. That is a pity.

While many still believe that the Universe is dead, unconsciousness, meaningless, and without intrinsic intelligence, the opposite may be true. It may turn out to be a living being, highly conscious, packed with meaning, and intelligent beyond our comprehension. The existence of coincidence is just one part of a wide range of evidence supporting this. The Cosmos is both intelligent and simple. It knows where to find information, and it uses the simplest means to give the information to us. However, to be able to receive what the Cosmos is giving us, we have to be like the Cosmos. We, too, have to be in a state of intelligent simplicity. In my next blog “Nature Always Responds to our Questions”, I will take this theme a little further.

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