being natural

Being Natural with Bonny

Being Natural with Bonny

Although we may not be able to define the word precisely, we know more or less what we mean when we a say “natural”. It always has positive connotations…such as “it felt very natural” or “it just came naturally”. Being natural certainly seems desirable, but how many of us are as natural as we could be, assuming we even think about it? In trying to understand this, my starting point may surprise you. It is our cat.

Our cat”? That was slip of the tongue! Bonny came to live with us when she was about three months old. She was sitting outside our house here in the Pyrenees. She was at death’s door, so we took her to the vet and then nursed her back to health. Bonny is a great, sometimes challenging companion. Over the months I have learned something important from her. When I am true to myself – being my natural self – she is attracted to me, and we get on well together. There is harmony. However, when I am not true to myself, not being natural, Bonny is very wary of me. She seems to know me better than I do. Indeed, I sometimes use her as a barometer of me.

This assumes that I know when I am not being myself, not being natural. Sometimes I do, in the moment, and sometimes I don’t. The point I want to make is that Bonny always seems to know. Although I have just started exploring this, I sense that there is a kind of “entrainment” going on. Bonny is constantly attuned to herself and to the world around her. When I am equally attuned. to myself and to the world around me, that attunement becomes mutual. There is resonance between us. When I am out of tune – when I am deviating from being natural – the resonance between Bonny and me becomes dissonance.

What I would like to explore in subsequent blogs is the question: what causes us to deviate from being natural; what forms do these “deviations” take, and how can we avoid them or at least keep them to a minimum?

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